Peak Performance: 2-Day

*NEW* Peak Performance: 2-Day


Join us for an in-depth day of training for the armed individual as we pursue high-level shooting skills and peak human performance. While marksmanship is the #1 priority when it comes to firearms training it is only one piece of the puzzle. Having the physical skills and ability to move efficiently and effectively is also important. Whether you need to move to seek cover, create angles to gain a position of advantage, or possibly move to increase or decrease space between you and the threat, movement is a key component to winning a violent encounter. Peak Performance will not only show you how to properly train to enhance your physical readiness. It will also show you how to incorporate these principles into your firearms training to make you a better, stronger, faster shooter.

Course Outline:
  • Shooting Fundamentals and Concepts
  • Movement Fundamentals and Concepts
  • Visual and Cognitive Components of Shooting
  • Strength Training for Shooters
  • Injury Prevention

Instructor Bio:

Brandon Powers has spent the past 13 years specializing in sport and human performance. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association, Brandon has worked with collegiate athletes as well as active-duty military and law enforcement. His approach to training uses a planned, systematic, and progressive strategy to increase an individual’s physical literacy through General Physical Preparation (GPP), thereby improving their quality of sport and physical readiness. Brandon is also classified as a Master in the practical shooting sports of USPSA and IDPA.

Required Equipment:
  • Quality pistol
  • Quality belt mounted rigid holster (Retention during rigorous movements, active retention preferred)
  • Magazines (3 for double-stack or 5 for single-stack)
  • Mag Pouches (1 or more)
  • Ammunition (700+ Rounds)
  • Ear & Eye Protection
  • Appropriate Attire
  • Note Taking Materials (Pen & Paper)
  • Food/Hydration

PLEASE make sure you have working, proven equipment, ammunition that runs in the handgun(s) you are bringing, spare batteries (if you have an optic), and backup equipment if you think you'll need it. We encourage you to dress appropriately and bring gear to train with that will best benefit you. While training with your edc/duty gear is preferred, bring the pistol and gear you wish to improve with and let’s get to work. To attend this course attendees should have a basic understanding of how to safely operate their handgun and be able to safely work from the holster.

Course Tuition is non-refundable. All course sales are final. If you are unable to attend a course you have previously signed up for, you must notify us within seventy-two (72) hours of course to reschedule. Failure to notify us within seventy-two (72) hours of a scheduling conflict may result in a loss of tuition fees. Failure to attend any course previously paid for without proper notification is subject to automatic forfeiture.

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Peak Performance Reviews:

  1. Alex
    8 June, 2020

    I recently took Fireline's Peak Performance class and it was awesome. I’ve been shooting for a few years, IDPA & recently USPSA, and I’ve taken classes from other top professional/USPSA instructors and his class taught me more about dynamic movement skills that I was able to imminently incorporate. Brandon teaches, in depth, the why & how… Not just “move faster” from here to there. We shot 0 rounds the first day, so we could focus 100% of our attention to the intricate details of how to move with efficiency with kinetic explosion. My dry fire sessions now consists of a portion without my pistol to take what he taught, so that I can move more efficiently and technically correct. Bottom line, I would highly recommend this course for anyone in competition or for self-defense. And as a bonus, he taught physical, cognitive and sight training skills/drills that will improve both the competition and self-defense situations.

  2. Jasen
    12 June, 2020

    I had the privilege of taking the first PEAK PERFORMANCE class taught by Brandon and it was GREAT!. I have been competing in IDPA and USPSA since 2016 and have listened to a number of world champions and accomplished shooters that say to be aggressive, be explosive and be powerful while shooting, but they don't tell you how to do those things. Brandon teaches you how to do all three. On day 1, we did not handle a gun. Brandon meticulously explained and demonstrated how to achieve more power and explosiveness while moving . After completing a variety of different movements and exercises to establish a new movement foundation , we completed cognitive and reactionary drills to apply what we had learned throughout the day. Day 2 consisted of being on the range and incorporating the movements with a firearm. The drills that we completed are easily incorporated into dry fire and live fire drills without occupying a lot of time. This class caters to all skill levels and ages as well. We had participants that ranged in age from 30-60+ years of age. Some were relatively new to competition and/or CCW and others who had 20+ years of military and/or law enforcement experience. This was hands down the best training I have received to date. I strongly encourage anyone who competes and/or carries for self defense to take this class.

  3. Bill
    19 June, 2020

    This class was first and foremost a class designed to teach students how to move correctly through any environment quickly and efficiently. The entire first day was spent learning correct movement practices. Assessments were made, drills run, and proper training techniques were taught. For the entire class base skills were taught, then more complex skills were added to build on and compliment the fundamentals that had been taught. The second day involved incorporating a firearm into the movement training that had been taught the previous day. Again fundamentals were built upon to allow the students to see advancements in abilities. Our instructor Brandon's past history as a strength trainer and current firearms instructor allowed any question to not only be answered, but to actually have a demonstration of the process for most any question. I would highly recommend this class for anyone looking to increase their understanding of movement and be able to apply those insights whether it be competitively or as a CCW holder. I was amazed at how after 2 days of fairly high intensity movement my joints did not hurt because of the proper mechanics taught.

  4. Anthony
    20 May, 2021

    Shoot. Move. Communicate. We hear that all the time within the firearm industry. At least that’s what I heard in every “tactical” course I’ve taken. Brandon Powers brings a whole new meaning to that saying. He can shoot. He can move. And He can communicate. Brandon is no stranger to coaching and teaching. With steadfast effectiveness, he delivers his curriculum clearly without any confusion. There wasn’t a moment where I didn’t know what he was talking about. He never used fitness buzz words or jargon only tenure track kinesiology professors would understand. His goal isn’t to showcase his practical shooting efficiency for fitness but rather to share this world of shooting with his students. I promise you will leave this class a better shooter AND athlete. Expanded review: I didn’t know what to expect for Day 1. I showed up to the range with my gear, firearm, and ammo. When I opened my trunk Brandon simply said, “You won’t need any of that today.” I was surprised but excited. How could Brandon keep us engaged without our prized possession? Little did I know, I would be thoroughly impressed with what he had planned for us. Let me preface this by mentioning I, too, am a coach. Brandon and I share a similar educational background; however, I left all that in my car. As a life long learner myself, I wanted to learn from this educator. I came to listen and learn. I was not disappointed. As I mentioned previously, Brandon delivered his coaching in simple terms anyone could understand WHILE staying informative. Everyone “moves” but not everyone understands how to move with an emphasis on performance. He helped each of us identify what we were doing and how to improve it. THAT’S what made this course. We all believe we can move and shoot. Brandon refined our skills to help us develop into better athletes. Day 1 alone we ran warm up methods, plyometrics, and agility drills. All of which, I myself would program for my athletes/clients. I was smoked. Every rep was performed with intention. By the end of the day, I felt like I ran a marathon (haha). Again, that’s not the goal however. We just put so much focus into our movement, it truly was a high intention workout. Day 2 started with warm up but we dove right into shooting WITH the same agility drills from the previous day. No time to waste. Time to apply everything we learned. Brandon mentioned it frequently, “We all know how to move for the most part but the moment we throw a gun into the equation, we forget! Why? Movement remains the same.” I’ve never moved that fast and focused with a gun in my hand. I never slammed so hard on the gas and brake pedal. I felt extremely comfortable and confident with Coach Brandon running us. This was exactly the class I needed. While “Movement” and “Performance” are words thrown around this industry a lot nowadays, Brandon delivers both of them in the perfect weekend package. I would absolutely take another class with Brandon.

  5. Jaki
    29 Jul, 2021

    Proper movement is essential not only in the shooting sports but in life in general. This course showed me what my body is doing and what can be improved to make me a better athlete. I’m running faster, stopping quicker with control and gaining control over my movement on and off the range. The class was set up in such a well structured way that it was easy to follow along and packed with tons of “Ah-ha” moments. Having a bad back with multiple herniated discs, I can’t thank Coach Brandon enough for creating such an eye opening course.

  6. Jerrod
    12 Aug, 2021

    I attended the Peak Performance class in August 2021. This class exceeded my expectations to say the least. It’s hard for most people to take a 2 day class and not shoot the first day but believe me when I say the first day of working movement without a gun in your hand is necessary and makes you really appreciate the 2nd day. As Brandon will tell you in class. This class isn’t just about shooting. Learning how to move and be more efficient can and will help you in everyday life. Brandon was very professional and knowledgeable. If anyone had questions Brandon was very good at giving us the HOW and the WHY. I strongly recommend this class to anyone that wants to be a better version of themselves.

  7. Marc
    12 Aug, 2021

    Had to pleasure of learning from Brandon and unlike most movement classes his background as a strength and conditioning coach set him apart along with being a Master class USPSA shooter. This course's first day is not for the faint of heart but breaks down movement and you can easily spot what you can be efficient in and also get some great visual training tools. When it comes together I was able to see some significant improvement. The big takeaway is that you do not need to be a fitness oriented individual or prepare for this class physically. Yes it might be taxing to some but you will not only learn how to shoot on the move better but also ensure you prevent injury and even see how fitness can make things easier. I highly recommend this class for not just competitive shooters but anyone willing to work on improving on and off the range. 10/10 would do again and don't forget to hydrate!

  8. Johnathon
    12 Aug, 2021

    Best $400 I've spent in the last 4 years of action shooting! Great class, great! Brandon was a great instructor and has the track record to back it up. If your reading this you know you need this class. Sign up now

  9. James
    08 Sep, 2021

    Peak Performance is easily one of the best classes any shooter can take. End of story. It covers a wide range of skills including many that relate to shooting, but are not direct hands on with your gun. Focusing specifically on each individual skill set to make you the best all around shooter you can be is what this class is about. Many of us have the gun handling skills needed to be competitive in the competition shooting scene or the defensive world…the skills connected to shooting in these environments are often forgotten about. This class brings it all together. Brandon is one of the best instructors I have had the opportunity to work with, and can cater to any skill level.

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