Low Light Carbine

Low Light Carbine


If you choose a carbine for defensive purposes, it should be equipped with a light. Most defensive and deadly force encounters around a home happen at night in low or no light situations. This class will cover the essential details you need to know when you must utilize your carbine in low light situations.

Pre- & Post-Skills Assessment

Course Outline:
  • Light Equipment Selection
  • Navigation & Search Techniques
  • Identification & Engagement Techniques
  • Manipulations & Movements

Required Equipment:
  • Functioning Practical Carbine
  • Attached Functional Weapon Mounted Light
  • Sling
  • Ammunition (350 rounds)
  • Magazines (3)
  • Mag Pouches
  • Ear & Eye Protection**
  • Appropriate Attire
  • Note Taking Materials (Pen & Paper)

Provided Equipment:
  • Targets
  • Bench Rest

We encourage you to train in a manner that will best benefit you. Bring the gun and gear that will be appropriate for this class and let’s get to work.

Course Tuition is non-refundable. All course sales are final. If you are unable to attend a course you have previously signed up for, you must notify us within seventy-two (72) hours of course to reschedule. Failure to notify us within seventy-two (72) hours of a scheduling conflict may result in a loss of tuition fees. Failure to attend any course previously paid for without proper notification is subject to automatic forfeiture.

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Low Light Carbine Reviews:

  1. Josh
    21 Dec, 2022

    The class was well thought out and instructed. The instructor was fun and friendly as well. Lots of very good information. Many different things pertaining to light and how it can be used that had never been something i had thought about. Would recommend to anyone who has a weapon mounted light. A light is not just to see!!!!

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