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What is Fireline?

We are the premier indoor shooting range in the greater Fox Valley area, located in the heart of Appleton's Fox Valley mall shopping district. Our focus on quality is foremost in all that we do, we strive to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, so you don't feel like you're at a shooting range, but your own personal escape. Enjoy our carpetted retail spaces, comfortable lounge areas, and our attractive luxury vinyl tiled shooting lanes. Our staff is available to assist you in all your shooting needs, from firearm selection, firearm rentals, training sign-ups and shooting on the range!

Training with Fireline!

Firearm training is one of the most important aspects to safe gun ownership. We strive to provide courses to enhance everyone's skill level, as well as giving back to our communities. Join us in a course and become a safer more proficient gun owner. Our courses bridge the gap from beginner to advanced, we'll walk a new shooter through their first time ever holding a gun, and tomorrow we'll turn off the lights and dazzle you with a course in defensive drawing from holster in night conditions. Or join in our legal discussions on when to use your firearm for defense. At Fireline we teach you how and when to use your firearms.

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